Latham Hall
Date Title Faculty Member
February 6, 2017 It’s a bird! A plane! It’s John Jelesko — Super Poison Ivy Man! John Jelesko
Date Title Faculty Member
November 28, 2016 Carl Griffey reappointed W.G. Wysor Professor of Agriculture Carl Griffey
November 2, 2016 Virginia Tech and Penn State researchers: Parasitic plants may form weapons out of genes stolen from hosts Jim Westwood
September 19, 2016 New study of CRISPR-Cas9 technology shows potential to improve crop efficiency
David Haak
July 15, 2016 Virginia Tech researchers itching to learn more about poison ivy on the Appalachian Trail. John Jelesko, David Haak
March 16, 2016 Scientists use ‘insect perfumes’ to lure stink bugs to expendable crops Tom Kuhar
March 16, 2016 Virginia Tech bug man is ‘always looking at the ground’ Paul Marek
February 26, 2016 Tarantula named in honor of Virginia Tech entomologist Paul Marek
Paul Marek
Date Title Faculty Member
October 21, 2015 Glenda Gillaspy named head of Department of Biochemistry Glenda Gillaspy
June 24, 2015 Richard Veilleux reappointed Julian Haden Gary and Margaret Savage Gary Professor Richard Veilleux
June 1, 2015 Paul Marek discovers new species of millipedes in Virginia Tech's backyard Paul Marek
May 5, 2015 Virginia Tech researcher shines light on origin of bioluminescence Paul Marek
April 29, 2015 William Hopkins receives 2015 Alumni Award for Excellence in Research William Hopkins
Date Title Faculty Member
December 23, 2014 Gregory Evanylo honored as Fellow in two scientific societies Gregory Evanylo
October 14, 2014 David Haak named assistant professor of plant pathology, physiology, and weed science David Haak
October 7, 2014 Aureliano Bombarely appointed assistant professor of horticulture Aureliano Bombarely
August 15, 2014 Plants may use language to communicate with each other, Virginia Tech researcher finds Jim Westwood
February 24, 2014 Virginia Tech scientist proposes revolutionary naming system for all life on Earth Boris Vinatzer
Date Title Faculty Member
November 26, 2013 John Jelesko named American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow John Jelesko
October 2, 2013 'Pulse of the Planet' highlights work from researcher Boris Vinatzer Boris Vinatzer
September 17, 2013 Popular Science names David Schmale one of 2013's Brilliant Ten David Schmale
April 4, 2013 Breakthrough in hydrogen fuel production could revolutionize alternative energy market Percival Zhang
February 5, 2013 Thomas R. Fox named Society of American Foresters Fellow Thomas R. Fox
Date Title Faculty Member
December 21, 2012 For twin plant pathologists, it all comes down to genetics John McDowell
October 16, 2012 Thomas R. Fox named Soil Science Society of America Fellow Thomas R. Fox
September 27, 2012 W. Lee Daniels receives lifetime achievement research award for coal mine reclamation work W. Lee Daniels
May 10, 2012 Virginia Tech and University of Tuscia lead international research team to unravel origin of devastating kiwifruit bacterium Boris Vinatzer
February 21, 2012 The Flourish of Discovery - In Latham Hall, philanthropy helps research take root Amy Brunner, John McDowell, Jake Bova, Dorothea Tholl and Tim Nguyen
Date Title Faculty Member
July 11, 2011 Simple little spud helps scientists crack potato's mighty genome Jeff Burr, Suzanne Piovano and Richard Veilleux
May 18, 2011 Comparison of genomes of plant parasites provides solid clues for response John McDowell
March 22, 2011 Forest researcher awarded NSF early career grant Jason Holliday
February 9, 2011 Virginia Tech soil scientist Marcus Alley named AAAS Fellow Mark Alley
Date Title Faculty Member
November 22, 2010 Forestry Professor John R. Seiler given Alumni Distinguished Professor honor   John Seiler
November 16, 2010 Virginia Tech forms new partnership to develop better wheat varieties Carl Griffey
September 20, 2010 Marcus Alley honored with emeritus status   Mark Alley
September 03, 2010 Mark Alley, David Notter receive 2010 Andy Swiger Land-Grant Awards Mark Alley
June 22, 2010 Richard Veilleux named Julian H. Gary and Margaret S. Gary Professor in Horticulture Richard Veilleux
June 15, 2010 W. Lee Daniels appointed Thomas B. Hutcheson, Jr. Professor Lee Daniels
June 08, 2010 University researchers develop first stable bio-oil for transportation use Foster Agblevor
May 11, 2010 David Schmale receives 2010 Sporn Award for Excellence in Teaching Introductory Subjects David Schmale
April 21, 2010 John McDowell recognized for teaching excellence in Virginia Tech's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences John McDowell
April 21, 2010 Gregory Evanylo receives Rufus Chaney Award from United States Composting Council Greg Evanylo
January 04, 2010 Biofuel researcher wins biotechnology award Percival Zhang
Date Title Faculty Member
November 30, 2009 Carl Griffey named American Society of Agronomy Fellow Carl Griffey
October 08, 2009 Virginia Tech researcher assists in release of potato genome sequence Richard Veilleux
August 13, 2009 University releases new wheat variety in memory of dedicated seedsman Carl Griffey
April 17, 2009 Office of Research funds five students selected by Sigma Xi Glenda Gillaspy
April 13, 2009 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences bestows highest honor on William C. Latham, William E. Skelton William Latham
February 16, 2009 Enzyme cocktail converts cellulosic materials, water into hydrogen fuel Percival Zhang
Date Title Faculty Member
December 15, 2008 Virginia Tech faculty members make a success of CAREER Boris Vinatzer
November 2, 2008 Senator Webb Visits Research Center Foster Agblevor
June 24, 2008 Biofuel processes to be developed by French biotechnology company, Biomethodes Percival Zhang
April 24, 2008 Tomato pathogen genome may offer clues about bacterial evolution at the dawn of agriculture Boris Vinatzer
February 7, 2008 Plant scientist leads study on genomics of parasitic plants Jim Westwood
January 24, 2008 Scientists to study high-risk plant pathogen using small, unmanned aircraft David Schmale
January, 2008 Hobby-size Planes May Be Future of Early Warning System David Schmale
January, 2008 Value-added Soybeans to Save Money and Environment Sagahi Maroof
Date Title Faculty Member
November 2, 2007 Air Force funded researcher engineers enzymes to advance the hydrogen economy Percival Zhang
October 25, 2007 For researchers, a new facility can make all the difference  
Fall, 2007 Brunner Co-Investigator In Large Grant For Biofuel Research Amy Brunner
August 20, 2007 Thermochemical process converts poultry litter into bio-oil to provide safer and more environmental solution to waste disposal Foster Agblevor
Summer, 2007 Fisheries Gets Snakehead Funding Paul Angermeier and Brian Murphy
Summer, 2007 Hopkins Continues Research Efforts William Hopkins
May 23, 2007 Novel sugar-to-hydrogen technology promises transportation fuel independence Percival Zhang
Spring, 2007 Collateral Dam-age? Brian Murphy
April 3, 2007 Researcher examines polymers created with poultry feathers Justin Barone
January, 2007 Virginia Tech scientists combine entomology, chemistry, genetics, and computer science to fight a deadly disease  
January, 2007 Researcher Develops New Process to Reduce Cost of Ethanol Percival Zhang
January, 2007 New Area of Agriculture Research Begins with Latham Hall Sally Paulson and Jeffery Bloomquist